Wolf Creek Trestle – Tillamook Oregon

Summer 2016, Wolf Creek Trestle became one of my favorite hikes! It’s about 10-12 miles round trip, depending on how crazy you are and keep going. We kept going. This is not like other hikes with paved paths and souvenir shops. This is a back-woods, no one on the trail, kind of hike.

In fact, the day we went. Absolutely no one else was on the trail. Which, I have to admit was a little sketchy, as a first-time hiker going off the beaten path. We captured some amazing photos and great memories!

Be warned, you are definitely hiking on abandoned railroad bridges and you should absolutely use caution when doing so. In fact, we plan on hiking this trail again in the next month or so and we will be using caution as there does not appear to be a crew that goes out and up keeps the trails.

Off the beaten path

 When you go off grid, you see weird stuff like this “troll lair” if I am being completely honest, this was probably the only part of the trail that kind of freaked me out. Definitely, bring a really good flashlight! I took my kind of lame little “emergency” flashlight. Get a good one!

 At least when you cross the trestles you can see how far up you are. But this, this was some fresh hell for a chicken like me! The dark? No thanks! If you are afraid of heights or the dark this might not be the adventure for you. I was definitely a little nervous about crossing the bridges but it is definitely an experience worth conquering some fears!

We will definitely be going back this summer! This time with better flashlights, more water, and better snacks!