Diamond Lake 2017 -Annual Family Camp out

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Last week we were off the grid for 4 entire days, it was amazing! We hiked, we fished, we enjoyed time with our family.  I absolutely love this camping trip, it’s a gorgeous experience that I would say is a must for the summer bucket list!

This year we headed down the I5 towards Diamond Lake Monday morning bright and early. It was one of those crazy mornings! We had piled all the gear and bags in the living room and didn’t get to actually packing the car until the morning of. The biggest hurdle was Piper’s crate. Traveling with a puppy is like traveling with a baby! We had to pack all of our stuff around her crate. But we somehow managed to fit everything into the Jeep and the car top carrier!

When we arrived it was gorgeous 82-degree day and lunch time. We underestimated the severity of the mosquitos and were quickly eaten alive. We had three camping spots this year. My parents and the boys slept in my their camper;  my brother slept in his toy hauler, and we decided to rough it. We slept in the cutest teepee tent I could find and boy, was that an experience. I haven’t actually slept in a tent, at least not more than half a night in my parent’s backyard about 15 years ago. I will say, I’m glad we have that experience. Diamond Lake is technically considered high desert so it will be really nice and hot during the day, but the nights are very cold. Side note, I did not pack enough blankets. Whoops!

I purchased a pretty fun tent and chairs and air mattresses and was very grateful my Jeep has the power outlets and allows us to charge electronics off the battery! I was drawn to the whimsy of having a teepee tent come summer camping, I also loved the size. My mom said a good rule of thumb is whatever the sleep rating is for people, cut that in half. So this one says it will sleep 7, well we’re two adults and two small kids. That has to be pretty close to “half” oh and a Piper, so maybe we would exceed the “size” but thats okay!

Ozark Trail 11’8″ x 11’8″ Teepee Tent, Sleeps 7

I loved how easy it was to set up and tear down. I literally took the tent down in about 5 minutes. However, word of advice, when you drop the stakes inside. Try not to let the pole hit you in the face. By the end of the camping trip, I was extremely gross and grimy and a bit grouchy from being whacked in the face by a pole while taking down the tent by myself!

If you love hiking and fishing this is definitely the spot this summer! It’s a slower paced lake,  which is perfect for young families. We liked being able to swim in the shallow waters with Oli and Carson loved being able to bank fish! The scenerie is breathtaking, the bugs are unbearable, and the memories are worth every single ounce of planning!

  1. Kate

    July 12, 2017 at 6:31 pm

    What fun! We leave for our family camping trip with 2 other families in a few days and cannot wait!!

    1. Salena

      July 12, 2017 at 9:21 pm

      Where are you guys going? I want to go back so bad I miss those lazy nights by the fire and I even miss those super early mornings seeing the lake wake up!

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