MAMBI AKA My Newest Obsession

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Read this post at your own risk of becoming mildly to wildly obsessed with the MAMBI planners.

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MAMBI Planner

My Favorite MAMBI products

I’ve always tried to be one of “those” people, wildly organized, never missing or showing up late to appointments, knowing when I have lunch dates with friends or parent-teacher conferences. Are you one of those people? Lucky you!

I’ve always wanted to be the girl that looks back and goes, yeah I guess last week I was pretty busy and maybe that’s why my laundry isn’t done. Oh is that just me?  Yikes.  But I’ve always failed at keeping a solid planner. Even 7 months ago (yes this was a new years resolution) I bought a fun planner from Target, a few cool colored sharpie pens and hoped that by leaving it on my kitchen counter, I would magically become organized. Nope didn’t happen.

I learned about two months ago, its not my fault, its the type or style of planner that was my downfall!

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Are you visual like I am? I need something fun and dimensional to keep my interest. I couldn’t deal with the same blank pages and it’s not like I have a ton of appointments every week or daily, a lot of our day is full of stuff that doesn’t have a timeframe. Park days, and work and doing menial tasks like vacuuming and laundry (yes there are stickers for that and yes I use them!)

Then I was introduced to a life changing planner. I was texting with a new friend and she said she was “plannering” one Sunday night and I assumed she was working on their back yard project and then she sent me a picture of what she was doing. What I saw completely caught me off guard. A colorful planner full of stickers and pretty edges. I texted her back “WHAT IS THAT???” to which she replied, its MAMBI. (Side note, MAMBI stands for Me And My Big Ideas. How cute is that!)

BAM. The world opened up. The next weekend we went to Michaels equipped with our App’s and a 40% off coupon. The actual MAMBI planners were already 30% off, but that’s just the first stop when picking a planner. I opted for the MINI MAMBI because the size is perfect to throw it in my purse. I’m now obsessed and take my planner just about everywhere with me. Waiting on food at dinner, planner time! Dead time waiting at the eye doc, planner time!

So you’ve picked out a planner. Now, what do you do? It still comes to you pretty basic. However, if you pick well it is really cute from the get go. But this is where all the fun begins. Decorating your new planner. I still didn’t quite get it after our first trip to Michaels that afterward, we should spend solid 2-3 hours decorating the INSIDES of our planners, we did not have that kind of time so I went home and put the months and dates together. One amazing thing with the MAMBI planners is that you can start them ANYWHERE in the year, you are not tied to getting a fun new planner in May like I did and then have 4 months of dead planner space. I just used January-May for 2018 plannering!

Hopefully, while you were at Michaels you saw some WASHI tape and fell in love with one or two (or five) of the value packs. FYI the 40% off regular price item doesn’t work on their value based items like the big tubes of WASHI for $10. But the coupon does work on the sticker books, my first night I picked up two packs of stickers, MOM and Productivity. These books have something like 2000 stickers in them from play dates, to deadlines to remember what day double punch coffee day is at the local coffee shop! Hello, Wednesday 😉

Have I lost you yet? Are you thinking I’m a crazy adult 10-year-old girl with a mini trapper keeper?

Sticker books and WASHI are for adults too! This is the most organized I have ever felt and I truly owe it all to my MINI MAMBI.