Summer Break

This summer we took a major break from everything that didn’t involve being “in the moment.” I had high hopes of writing every day. Spending lots of time on this website cultivating new content, that just did not happen. Every single week we ended up setting off on a new adventure. Beach trips to visit the grandparents, Great Wolf Lodge as a family, a trip to Bend with our favorite Megan. ¬†The list goes on and on. Now that school is back in session I’ll actually have time to spend writing about the things we saw and the adventures we took. As well as doing a little day traveling of my own, exploring different hikes close to my home while my mini humans are at school!

Today was the first time I have not had a small human with me all day without the obligation of being at work. Even though I ended up working all morning anyway. That was NOT my plan for my first day of “freedom” but a couple things at work had to happen today and that meant I had to be there.

Carson started second grade yesterday and we were both a little weepy. Yes, I still cry on the first day of school. Oliver started Kindergarten today and it seemed to go really well. I’m pretty sure this kid thinks my only hobby is “running errands” cause that was the last thing he said to me today when we left “Have fun running errands ALONE!” he’s so funny. No tears were shed because of how excited he was, I couldn’t be sad. He looked SO happy!

I’m going to be working on content regularly again soon! I have a ton to write about from our adventures this summer exploring Oregon and Washington as a family and can’t wait to share it!