Oneonta Gorge – Cascade Locks OR

Hiking Oneonta Gorge in the dead of summer and some how picking the only gray summer day we’ve had all summer was how we spent our anniversary this year. We stayed out in Troutdale and celebrated the night before at Edgefield. Then woke up and hit this trail after a much-needed brunch. This is a hike I have been wanting to do for a while, but I would not recommend it for smaller kids. My kids are pretty hiking savvy and I don’t think the very start of the hike with the logs you have to climb up and over would have worked for their little legs. I was being a chicken climbing up over this huge log pile. But the sights are absolutely worth it. I’ve never hiked something like this.  It’s probably about a mile and a half to the end and back. We did it in less than an hour. Which makes this a really quick hike. It’s not a particularly taxing hike either since it’s in the water it’s mostly flat river bed that you are walking on and if you go during the right time of year the water is low.

Staring back and the “Log Pile” doesn’t do it justice. This side definitely makes me seem like I was nervous for no reason. Definitely, wear grippy shoes for this hike. I wore my river shoes (chucks) and they did not seem to want to grip the logs like I would have appreciated.

Being out in nature is a type of therapy for me. No matter how “big” my issues feel to me in a moment, being next to a waterfall, seeing what nature can do. Carving out this trail, carving out a path to showcase its beauty. Absolutely incredible. Also, I really want to do this hike again when it is not 60 degrees out. You can jump into the basin beneath the falls. If you’ve never jumped off a ledge into a waterfall basin you are missing out, the way the water feels under a waterfall is incredible. I would have to assume it’s like taking a bath in La Croix, all fizzy and aerated.

This was the highest the water was the entire hike. Wear appropriate clothing, the later or earlier in the year you go, the more water will be moving through the hike and this will fluctuate. That was why we wanted to go towards the end of summer. Less water felt easier to navigate, also that water is chilly!

I highly recommend this hike, it’s an incredible experience and it’s tucked just 45 minutes outside of Portland.